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Frequent Flyer Jasmine the Cat Age 14, Retires

Frequent flyer Jasmine the cat, age 14, retires after her travels between United Kingdom and New Zealand. Her last flight on the NZ01 with Air New Zealand on the 16 October to Auckland was her 7th flight with her family.

Froth reunited after 83 days apart

Froth has been reunited with his family in Riyadh after 83 days apart. He has been a favourite here at the kennels and we were sad to see him leave but so happy he is at last back with his family

Village Children organise a Mini Glastonbury for the Strays

Children in Eastertown organised their second fun mini glastonbury to raise money for the stray dogs. Last year we had torrential downpours all weekend but this year the sun shone on the fairy wings and spirits were high

Egor Eats his Greens!!

Egor the tortoise is currently on his holidays with us and is very particular over his greens. There are only certain lettuces he likes.

Jack age 14 and 3/4s reunited with his family in Abu Dhabi UAE

Jack flew yesterday on the British Airways flight BA073 from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi to be reunited with his family. He cleared customs last night in the early hours and here he is this morning having a big hug!! Thank you to all

Never before seen dog!!!

This week we had to stay a dog we have never seen before!!!

Bob the Dog Walker extraordinaire!!

Bob is our longest serving voluntary dog walker and now in his 80's still comes out twice a week to walk our rescue dogs.

Weight loss challenge.

Meet Ruby she is a beautiful cocker spaniel about 6 years old. She came to us for rehoming and was classed as 50% overweight to you or me we call that middle aged spread!

Daisy helps boy overcome his phobia

Daisy had her first play day yesterday when she went out for the day to visit a family where one of the children, a 6 year old boy, had been bitten on the face by a dog as a toddler and had been receiving counselling and is very traumatised still about just the whole dog thing.

Alfie came back to see us for a short stay

This morning Alfie came back to see us for a short stay. Mum and dad were very apprehensive but Alfie ran in to see us and had a gigantic cuddle. He was dumped as a tiny puppy and arrived in to us with the dog warden with his belly so bloated with worms.

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